E-Wheels – Digital Wheels for your Travel Business

By using the eWheels product, customers can automate their manual operations of the travel business. This includes starting from scheduling vehicles for a customer order to obtaining final payment. It’s easy to use and affordable software product developed for small and medium travels. 


  • Easy to use. No computer knowledge required.
  • Affordable Price
  • Trip recording
  • Trip reminders
  • Printing of Duty slips
  • Vehicle data maintenance
  • Reminders – Vehicle insurance, Pollution check and Fitness
  • One click Invoice generation
  • Invoice reports – Individual, Summary and Detailed reports for Vehicle/Hirer
  • Payments – Recording and Tracking
  • Expenses – Recording and Tracking
  • Affiliate details maintenance – Driver, Vehicle and Tariff
  • Reports – Trip, Invoice, Payment, Expenses and Vehicle


Vehicle Maintenance

Staff Maintenance

Trip Maintenance

Invoice Generation

Payment Collection Tracking

Generation of daily/weekly/monthly Summary/Detailed reports


  • Real-time alerts on to take appropriate action related insurance renewal, fitment check, pollution check and payment dues etc.
  • Available both offline and online versions.
  • Flexible to customize as per customer needs
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent post-installation support

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