Application Operations​

Our services on application operations secure great user experience through ensuring quick response times and quality when it comes to change management and changes. We provide big-scale and cost-efficient operations with attention to every detail in terms of your applications.

Usually, the operation involves several collaborative partners and specialist areas. Our company takes responsibility through ensuring the availability of the application portfolio of your business. The way we run applications boosts the value of such applications in your business through securing performance and good availability. In addition to that, you get control over the cost by steered change management.

Our service provides you some of the following benefits:

  • Increased profits through more satisfied users and lower costs for better availability
  • Quick administration and troubleshooting of applications
  • Automated operating procedures with alerts and monitoring
  • Professional change handling and change management
  • Guaranteed response time when using the app
  • Secure application operations without interruptions and disruptions

We also provide custom services for application operations since every application portfolio is different.

Application Maintenance

Our application maintenance services take care of the basic problems associated with any app post its development. We provide special attention given to the agile methodology and OS that the app uses. Our team of maintenance experts ensures that the application keeps on functioning as it must be.

If you’re a company using any kind of application, you should never hesitate to hire professionals like us who can provide application maintenance service to avoid interrupted functionality. Unlike others, we let you work nonstop and help you boost your existing product. If your business apps are kept updated with the newest technologies, your business will be able to achieve its goals.

Application Support

Application support is necessary for many reasons. One of these is that applications might be hacked and abused by unscrupulous elements, making the application vulnerable. Another reason is that customer experience is very important and it should live up to the highest expectations of your customers. The users also require convenience and flexible and it calls for extensive support.

Our company can help you ensure that your business is on top of application support needs. With the help of our team, you can be assured that you’re on the right track of success.

Production Support

It’s the disciplines and practices of supporting IT systems or applications that are used currently by end users. As production support professionals, we are responsible to get requests and incidents from the end-users, analyzing such and responding to end users with a solution and escalating it to some IT teams. Our team includes database administrators, system engineers, and developers.

For you to understand why you should hire us for your production support requirements, you should take some factors in mind and these include the following:

  • Hardware’s maintenance cost
  • Application spends more time in production compared to development since it requires verifying properties.
  • Studies found that the software’s maintenance cost is more than ninety percent of the overall cost.

Our Differentiators

  • SLA Driven approach
  • Transparent and Measurable Metrics
  • Strong technical expertise
  • Flexibility in scale up and scale down
  • Minimal transition effort and duration
  • Cost effective service

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